APH Engineering maintain one of the largest fleets of hire combines in Europe.


We Offer:

  • Condition appraisal with full report
  • Routine servicing and maintenance
  • Insurance repairs
  • Competitive labour rates
  • Comprehensive stocks of New Holland and Class parts at discounted prices
  • Combine Appraisal Service

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APH can now offer customers a detailed appraisal of their New Holland or Claas combine on farm utilising the new ‘APH Combine Appraisal Book’. This fourteen page book has been designed to cover every section of the combine and header. The engineer will carry out around 150 checks that are detailed in 37 sections of the report by a series of ticks and notes to show the condition of each component thus providing a comprehensive picture of the current condition of the machine.

After the engineer has filled in the appraisal book thoroughly, it is returned to APH where an estimate of parts and labour cost is compiled which corresponds to the sections in the appraisal book.


This means that the customer can see exactly what is required and how much it will cost for each section of his combine. Armed with this information the customer can make informed decisions about the future of their combine.

The customer is under no obligation to go ahead with the appraisal recommendations but can choose the extent of any work carried out. Farmers, who wish to carry out their own repairs, may choose to purchase ‘parts only’ from APH at competitive prices.

This service is currently available at special introductory rates ranging from as little as £195 depending upon location.

Routine Service & Maintenance

In addition to maintaining APH's own hire fleet. The engineering department also maintains a large number of 3rd party customer's machines. Work is normally carried out on farm by one of the mobile service engineers.

Please note that due to increasing demand on the sevice engineers, work will now be carried out strictly on a "first come first served basis". Please book early to avoid disappointment.



Accidents do happen, which is why APH can carry out all insurance repairs on your combine harvester. We can even deal directly with the insurance company, taking the pressure off you.

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