Haldrup SH-20

Hand pushed seeder

  • Mechanical distirbution for maize
  • Equipped with 1 or 2 units next to each other
  • With fixing on a rotary cultivator

The Hand pushed seeder HALDRUP SH-20 is developed for small breeding stations, demo patches and green houses. It is equipped with a belt cone and a gear box allowing seeding on plots from 0,5 m to 16 m for all kind of crops.

How it works: first the operator has to choose the length of the plot by turning the gear box to the desired position, then fill in the grains in the filling funnel. The brake handle allows to open the filling funnel and load the belt cone unit with the grains. The operator has then to push the seeder and the belt cone will make one turn on the predifined distance and deliver with high precision the seeds in the row.

Plot length 1,0 - 16 m
Belt cone Ø 120 mm
Weight 45 kg
Options on demand possibility to be mounted on an motorized cultivator or similar