Haldrup SB-25

Belt Cone Seeder

  • Big belt cone and big outlet head of 290 mm
  • A stepless gearbox from 1.5m to 26m (with chain station of 0.75m to 34m)
  • Non static material
  • Electrical lifting of the filling funnel
  • Niveaumatic, automatic electronic slope control
  • A robust and modular seeder

Breeding and field research require a high level of precison and we have invest a lot of development to reach the high expectations and needs of the breeders and trials professionals.

Our customers describe our Belt Cone seeder HALDRUP SB-25s as very robust and simple offering a perfect view on the seeding process.

All our seeders are customized. That means you configurate the seeder like you want it to be, so it fits exactly to your specific needs. We have a serie of options we propose and if what you want is not proposed we will be happy discussing with you about your solutions.

Attachment 3-point hitch, tool carrier
Number of rows from 2 up to 20
Row distance from 9 cm
Track width from 1250 mm
Tyres 5.00 - 15 or on request
Belt cones 190 mm / 290 mm diameter, 2 belt cones for two plots or additional fertilizer
Continuos seeding appr. 20 kg
Micro granulate Dosage in the row or between the row
Coulter system
Shoe coulter Amazone
Single disc coulter Inotec IS-Schar
Amazone RoTec
Double disc coulter Lemken, Horsch



Length x Width x Height from 1.9 m x from 1.8 m x from 1.8 m
Weight from 450 kg
Options Protection against sun
Protection against wind & rain
Control System with automatic seeding
Cable control
Compressed air for fine seed or grass