Haldrup C-65

Perfection in daily application

The HALDRUP C-65 plot combine has been developed specially for harvesting plots from 1,25 m width. This combine assures high performance and durability when harvesting cereals, maize, oilseed rape (canola) and many other crops. The fast cleaning of the combine is achieved by direct access to the conveyor, threshing unit and to the concave.

The HALDRUP C-65 is a compact and powerful plot combine, which can be equipped with all the options available. The spacious cabin accommodates the driver and operator very comfortably.

Cabine for 2 persons with air-condition
Engine Deutz Diesel, water cooled, 55 kw, 75 HP
Fuel tank 90 l
Drive hydrostatic transmission, 0-20 km/h
Steering hydraulic; steering wheel adjustable in height and reclining
Tyres (front)
Tyres (rear) 23 x 8.50-12 or
Track width from 1450 mm
Threshing drum speed: 350 - 1800 Rpm; variable with variator
diameter: 350 mm
number of rasp bars: 6
Concave wire distance:
7 mm - 11 mm - 26 mm
Flat shaker three-stages
Upper sieve lamella sieves 22 mm (adjustable sieve distance), 1140 x 640 mm
Lower sieve lamella sieves 15 mm (adjustable sieve distance), 1140 x 640 mm
Total sieve area 1,46 m²
Bottom blower speed 300-1100 r/min; adjustable with variator
Cutting table with an inclined conveyor or an veyor width: 1250 - 1510 - 1740 - 2050 mm
reel: 5 bars - speed and height adjustable
hydraulic knife
Maize header Geringhoff 2 rows
Tine cloth pick-up device 1250 - 1510 - 1740 - 2050 mm
Options balance
straw chopper
four-wheel drive
Dimensions: length - width - height from 5500 mm - from 2000 mm - from 3000 mm
Weight from 3600 kg