Haldrup LT-50

Laboratory Thresher

The HALDRUP LT-50 is a large laboratory thersher for threshing and cleaning of large bundles and whole plots. The HALDRUP LT-50 is equipped with a sturdily constructed threshing unit and therefore also perfect for threshing of corn cobs and sun flowers. The concave may be changed without any need for tools - this way, the lab thresher can be adjusted to all common types of crops.

The entire work process – from filling to emptying of the threshing drum – has been automated. Time for threshing, speed of the threshing drum and wind velocity can be adjusted comfortably through the digital user display.

Due to its mobile way of construction, the HALDRUP LT-50 is also perfectly equipped use on the field.

Current supply Wechselspannung 400 V – 16 A – 50 Hz
Thresher Electronic speed regulation
3,0 kW from 100 to 800 r/min
Diameter 500 mm, Width 700 mm
Quick access with controlled security system
Concaves for corn, grains, rape
Cleaning Air blowing system
0,36 kW
Dust & chaff is collected in a cotton bag located at the blower outlet
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 2200 mm x 1200 mm x 1800 mm
Weight 320 kg