Haldrup LT-35

Laboratory Thresher

The Laboratory thresher HALDRUP LT-35 is a laboratory thresher for use with individual plants, bundles and small plots, suitable for threshing, de-awning and cleaning cereals, pulses, vegetable seeds, clover, grass, rice, etc. without breakage, loss of seed or mixing.

Stepless continous wind speed adjustment gives a maximum cleaning of the crop. Chaff and dust are transported in a cotton bag, while the grains and straw remains are collected in two separate drawers.

The Laboratory thresher HALDRUP LT-35 allows rapid access on the concave with controlled security system and ensures simple adjustment for different type of crops thanks to his stepless variable adjustment of the threshing drum.

Due to its solid and mobile construction it is flexible and conveniant in its use. All our machines are customized. You have the possibility to invest in a machine fitting exactly to your specific needs.

Current supply 230 V - 6 A - 50/60 Hz
Thresher Electronic speed regulation
1,1 kW, from 200 to 1200 rpm
diameter 350 mm, width 380 mm
Concave Rapid access with controlled security system
Concave for cereals
Concave for all crops possible
Cleaning Air blowing system
0,36 kW, from 50 to 100 %
Dust + chaff in cotton bag at the end of the blower
Drawer 1 Grain reception
Drawer 2 Chaff reception
Displacement 4 wheels with foot fixing-break
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 180 cm x 90 cm x 165 cm

240 kg