Haldrup CS-100

Corn Sheller

  • Careful shelling due to rubber-coated rollers
  • Machine automatically adjust to different cob diameters
  • Suction device for perfectly pure samples

The Corn sheller HALDRUP CS-100 allows for an effective separation of kernels from the cob and can be used for shelling of many separate corncobs as well as larger samples. The corncobs are grated carefully between three rotating, rubber-coated rollers. During this process, the corn sheller HALDRUP CS-100 automatically adjusts to different cob diameters. In order to obtain the maximum purity of the crops possible, all dust is sucked into a cotton bag. In order to receive pure samples, cleaning the machine is fast and simple.

Power supply AC voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz
Motor 0,6 kW
Sheller Rubber-coated shelling cob for careful shelling
Automatic adjustment to different cob diameters
Suction All dust is collected in a cotton bag
Cleaning Fast access to shelling units by way of a cover, which can be opened without using tools
Dimensions 800 x 700 x 1320 mm
Weight approx. 125 kg