RETURNS ELEV CHAIN c/w PADDLES - LEXION 570/600/740/750/770

SKU: CL0601820
Part number: 0601820,0600730,600730,0795371,795371,601820
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CL0601820 Returns elevator chain. (Tailings Chain)

High quality chain
Comes with paddles fitted.
Comes complete with joining links

Fits Claas Lexion 570 ** Between Serial number 58500093 -58500107 and from Serial number 58500163
Fits Claas Lexion 600
Fits Claas Lexion 740
Fits Claas Lexion 750
Fits Claas Lexion 770

Previous Numbers CL0600730 / CL600730 / CL0795371 / CL795371 / CL601820

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